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218 pages
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“Great strategic leaders deal effectively with paradox and are willing to invest in the future…  Developing emerging leaders is both strategic and paradoxical, and boy, being able to manage that paradox is powerful! The Emerging Leader provides the guidance to do just that - absolutely recommended!”

W. Glenn Rowe, PhD
Director, Executive MBA Program
Richard Ivey School of Business


"The world of coaching and leadership development has been over-complicated by many…Packed with stories, examples and clear advice, the book takes you along one step at a time until you realize, this isn't rocket science after all!"  

Stanton Smith, National Director, Cross Generational Initiatives, Major U.S. Global Consulting Firm. Author of: Decoding Generational Differences: Fact, fiction…or should we just get back to work.


“Jamie shakes up traditional thinking and provides you with the essential elements to engage and retain your most important resource – one that rides down the elevator on their way home every night – your future leaders!”

Nick Thadaney, Chief Executive Officer ITG Canada Corporation


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